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ClearUnited donates 100% of the company profits to help global causes designed to level the playing field for people all over the world.

Support the Cause


Technology should be responsible and empower us to become better. ClearUnited builds technology that helps us to all take back our digital lives and be safe out on the Internet.

Take a Stand


Sharing this mission with those you love not only covers your costs but also brings us all together in unity around products that transform the world.

Love One Another

The ClearUnited Mission

ClearUnited's core mission is to empower everyone, everywhere, with the technology to free ourselves from big tech companies by arming individuals and families with personal control over their privacy, protecting children's online safety, owning our digital Identity, and securing our data. We believe in digital freedom, liberty, and choice. ClearUnited donates 100% of its profits to worldwide charities that align with ClearUnited’s core mission.

Become a Member

For all of history, most of humanity has been oppressed in one way or another by small groups who hold power, assert authority, and maintain control.

Recent advances in technology are creating new problems that are accelerating this oppression.

However, technology also affords us the opportunity to finally address humanity’s problems - but only if someone responsibly uses technology to affect true change.

Who will enact this change? Worldwide business conglomerates won’t. Facebook or Google won’t. World governments won’t.

ClearUnited and its members however will enact this change.

ClearUnited builds innovative products for consumers, families, and small businesses focusing on healthcare, fitness, nutrition, renewable energy, cloud storage, smart devices, digital identity, internet security, IT support, and more.

All ClearUnited products in some way help address global issues and also help to level the playing field thus giving a wider range of opportunities for us all.

ClearUnited members are joined together in a win-win spirit cooperating together to help fellow humans worldwide.

ClearUnited delivers unparalleled opportunity by offering discounted pricing on premium products and services that can not be found anywhere else.

ClearUnited members get an instant discount on any item they purchase.

As a ClearUnited member, you’ll get additional discounts and opportunities by sharing referral codes with friends.

As your friends share with their friends, you’ll also get additional discounts and your friends will get discounts.

If you refer enough friends, you may end up getting enough of a discount to completely cover the price of your ClearUnited products and more...

All profits from ClearUnited go towards helping global causes including charities and worldwide organizations that align with the ClearUnited mission.

Founding Principles


We are determined to end poverty and hunger, in all their forms and dimensions, and to ensure that all human beings can fulfill their potential in dignity and equality through self-sufficiency and charity.


We are determined to unite Humankind around the principles of love, charity, faith in humanity, and stewardship to profoundly transform our lives and the world for the better.


We are determined to ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social, and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature and each other.


We are determined to foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies. Where sustainable development and responsible technology deployment brings forth peace and wellbeing.


We are determined to empower sustainable resource consumption and production by enabling humankind with technologies that enable local stewardship and make progress toward renewing the earth.