Go Bold with ClearSOLAR for Business

Show the wold how your business is taking the lead in creating a sustainable future with a commitment to clean energy.


ClearSOLAR Smart Features

ClearSOLAR uses advanced robotics and automation to intelligently track the sun, making up to 40% more energy than traditional stationary solar panels while offering smart features including self cleaning and safety protections.


Smart Tracking

ClearSOLAR follows the sun all day long for maximum energy production.


Smart Safety

When strong winds are detected, ClearSOLAR immediately closes into a safety position.


Smart Cleaning

When the ClearSOLAR panels fold up, integrated brushes sweep away sediment and debris.

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Leading the Way

Discerning homeowners and innovative businesses around the world are leading the clean energy revolution with ClearSOLAR.

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Use clean energy at any time

by adding the powerful and fully-integrated ClearSOLAR + Plus battery.


Charge your electric

vehicle directly from the ClearSOLAR via our fast and efficient EV charger.


Bold, smart, and easy

solar for a sustainable beautiful addition to your home and a greener life for your family.


Get green, solar energy

without the hassle of installing panels onto your roof.


Compliment the architectural beauty

of your home with the sculptural elegance of the ClearSOLAR.


Monitor your energy

production via the ClearSOLAR mobile app.


Take the Lead in Creating a Sustainable Future

Any business or governmental organization doing its part to move toward a clean energy future should be proud to demonstrate that commitment.

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ClearSOLAR Industry Solutions

ClearSOLAR gives your organization an edge across many areas including education, government, hospitality, retail and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. ClearSOLAR generates 40% more power and is more efficient because it actively tilts and rotates to follow the sun throughout the day.
ClearSOLAR automatically self-cleans its panels every morning and every evening. Each panel cleans the panel beneath it whenever it opens or closes using a long brush on its outer under edge. This allows the ClearSOLAR to avoid the loss in production that typically occurs with other solar panels.
Yes, you can install as many ClearSOLAR units on-site as needed to suit your power generation needs.
Although it may vary from site to site, for most jurisdictions in the United States, it is likely that some form of permit will be required. However, installation typically requires a much lower level of red tape compared to installing solar panels on your roof.