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ClearPHONE gives you the internet you want. Thanks to ClearPHONE’s new type of private network, you can go wherever you want on the internet, see what you want, and block everything else - you have total control over the experience. ClearPHONE is the first phone that blocks trackers, malware, spyware, viruses, phishing attempts, cookies, ads, and more.

ClearPHONE is brought to you by ClearUnited.

ClearUnited builds innovative products for consumers, families, and small businesses focusing on healthcare, fitness, nutrition, renewable energy, cloud storage, smart devices, digital identity, internet security, IT support, and more. ClearUnited believes that technology should be responsible and empower us to become better. ClearUnited builds products that helps us all take back our digital lives and be safe on the Internet. ClearUnited donates 100% of company profits to help global causes designed to level the playing field for people all over the world.
Yes you can. You are not required to become a member of ClearUnited or join any ClearUnited program in order to purchase a ClearPHONE.

ClearPHONE runs on ClearOS Mobile, the only operating system dedicated to security first. All ClearPHONE communications with the internet using either a cellular or Wi-Fi connection (using a browser, any app or any service on the phone) are sent through ClearOS Mobile’s ClearGM private network governed by our DNS-based firewalls.

By default, ClearGM blocks the whole of the internet, then allows only the good parts you want to see. You can either have total control over what is allowed, or let ClearGM’s artificial intelligence protect you automatically - it’s up to you.

See the questions below for additional details on how ClearPHONE works.

ClearPHONE blocks all malware, ads, cookies, trackers, and adult content. It runs on a secure operating system that won’t allow teenagers to sideload sketchy apps or work around parental controls (check out the number of YouTube videos that show kids how to bypass controls). Our operating system literally checks every site and blocks access if any of over 100 points of validation aren’t met. And without all those ads and trackers, phone performance actually increases! Parents can also force a child’s ClearPHONE to only use DuckDuckGo or Google and YouTube Safe Mode search to filter out risky search results.

Parental control software tools typically only block certain apps at certain times that you control. Additionally, most parental controls are incredibly easy for any average tech-savvy teenager to circumvent within just a few steps. ClearPHONE allows you to give your kids access to the websites and apps they need while ensuring they can’t access sites with inappropriate content or accidentally click on adds that can lead down risky paths towards inappropriate content.

(1) The simple answer is:

ClearPHONE blocks the whole of the internet by default, then allows only the good parts you want to see. ClearPHONE’s protections work out-of-the-box on either a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. A variety of settings allow you to have 100% control over the internet experience you want. You can let ClearPHONE’s artificial intelligence decide for you, choose a level of restrictiveness, or manually allow/block websites, apps, ads, trackers, behavioral profiling, cryptojacking, and more.

(1) The more-advanced technical answer is:

ClearPHONE runs on ClearOS Mobile, the only operating system dedicated to security first. Built on decades worth of military-grade computer and network security experience, ClearOS Mobile’s ClearGM private network service blocks the whole of the internet by default, then allows only the good parts you want to see.

Only ClearPHONE can provide this level of security and privacy because ClearOS Mobile sends all communication with the internet through ClearOS Mobile’s ClearGM service. ClearOS Mobile is tied to the communications stack on ClearPHONE to ensure all internet traffic can only go through our ClearGM service allowing ClearGM to protect your ClearPHONE when using a cellular connection or on any Wi-Fi.

ClearGM is NOT a VPN service. ClearGM uses advanced DNS-based firewall controls combined with our own DNS resolver and artificial intelligence to allow or block all outgoing requests from ClearPHONE.

Below are three examples of how ClearPHONE works.

Example 1:

When you try to visit a legitimate website (such as on ClearPHONE’s browser app, ClearGM examines all requests made to load information into your browser’s page. Since ClearGM knows that can be trusted, all of the normal news content will be displayed as expected. However, also requests items to be loaded into your browser from approximately 30 other servers (these can include items like advertisements, sponsored content, third-party trackers, behavioral profiling trackers, etc.). ClearGM is smart enough to block any unneeded (or potentially risky) requests. The result? You see only the legitimate news content from without seeing any ads, being tracked, or seeing those suspicious “Around the Web” sections that look like legitimate content but are really ads for shady websites. Since ClearPHONE blocks all of these other services, you’ll be happy to see that many websites load 40% faster on average.

Example 2:

We’ve all seen emails that look like a request from your bank but are actually phishing attempts. This can also happen when you get a link in an SMS/Text message on your phone that looks like a legitimate link (this new phenomenon is called SMSishing). Normally, if you click on these links you’re at risk of a hacker stealing your bank password or getting a virus. ClearGM is smart enough to know these links not legitimate and they are all blocked. When you are protected by ClearPHONE and press on these links, nothing happens! By the way, this same facet of ClearGM’s technology blocks viruses, spyware, any malware. Even if you somehow manage to get your phone infected, any outgoing request by bac actors to the internet will blocked by ClearGM thus rendering them harmless.

Example 3:

Normally when using an unprotected phone, when you try and visit any website it just loads. When using a protected ClearPHONE, each website is evaluated by ClearGM before it is allowed to load in your browser. ClearGM not only looks at the website content, but also looks at all of the other requests (called dependencies) asking to load info from other servers into the website page you intent to visit. ClearGM’s artificial intelligence combined with your personal settings checks to see decides if the website content (and some or all of the dependency content) is allowed. ClearGM then completely blocks the site or allows the desired parts to load. If ClearGM blocks the site, you have the option to override that decision in the ClearGM control panel and when you refresh your browser, the site will load as intended. Of course, you have complete control over how restrictive ClearGM is. You can allow any website you want or let ClearGM handle if for you. You can also set ClearGM to be more restrictive on your children's phone and less restrictive on your phone if desired.

ClearPHONE works at the core network level of the phone to fully protect you, block what you don’t want, and allow what you do want. This is more powerful and effective compared to using a browser with a “do not track” toggle, ad blocker or content blocker.

We’re launching on Kickstarter for two reasons.

(1) We want to get feedback from the Kickstarter community and include our backers’ insights during the production phase of ClearPHONE in order to meet customer expectations and

(2) As a special reward to ClearPHONE’s early adopters, we want to use Kickstarter as the method of guaranteeing the Kickstarter community can get ClearPHONE at the lowest price.

ClearPHONE starts at $594.00 if you get in on the Early Bird Kickstarter-only specials depending on quantity ordered. The undiscounted retail price of ClearPHONE is $1199.00. We ask for half of the cost up front on Kickstarter, then we’ll bill you the remaining half when ClearPHONE ships.

ClearPHONE will run on Kickstarter between September 9, 2019 and October 20, 2019.

ClearPHONE will then be available on Indiegogo’s in-demand program between October 21, 2019 and January 19, 2020.

Starting on January 20, 2020 ClearPHONE will be available for purchase on the platform.

We plan to ship ClearPHONE to Kickstarter backers in January 2020.
No. ClearPHONE uses a hardware manufacturer who also builds devices for other top brands. However, we have worked with the manufacturer to customize the hardware to fit our needs and also to allow for the tight integration of ClearOS Mobile and it’s ClearGM private network to work together with the phone hardware at the core level of the device.

In the United States, ClearPHONE will work on T-mobile or AT&T.

In Canada, ClearPHONE will work on Rogers, Telus and TerreStar.

In New Zealand, ClearPHONE will work on Spark, Vodafone and Two Degrees Mobile.

For a list of other worldwide carriers, see this link.

Getting discounts on cell service require us to make bulk deals with T-Mobile, AT&T, Spark and Rogers. This ensures quality service at a better price. No compromise in quality or coverage---you get the same service as you would on AT&T.
No. You can keep your current provider as long as ClearPHONE is compatible (example: T-Mobile, AT&T, Spark and Rogers are supported currently). See this link for a list of updated supported carriers.
Service will start at $30 per month for unlimited 4G LTE data, text, and talk. Or you can purchased it in a bundle
ClearCellular has both individual line service and discounts for multiple lines or families. See this link for all ClearCellular plans.
ClearOS Mobile 10.0.2 is based on a simplified and stripped down version of Android 10 and will tie to an independent type of secured Marketplace.
ClearOS Mobile, Google Android and Apple iOS are three different mobile operating systems that are necessary to run the smartphones. The key purpose of both is same, to work as an operating system for a smartphone, however, both work with different style. The main difference between ClearOS Mobile, Google Android and Apple iOS is that Android is developed by Google and it is an open source operating system while iOS is developed by Apple Inc. and it is a closed operating system with some open source components and ClearOS Mobile is developed by the ClearFoundation and uses many open standards along with being fully open source but with a type of secured marketplace and online experience allowing the user to choose what parts of the internet they desire to visit or be exposed to.
No contract is required unless you purchase a ClearPHONE through ClearCellular on a monthly payment plan. Such plans will not be available until after January 20, 2020.
You do. ClearOS Mobile does not allow any third-party to collect or share your data. Period.
The camera on each phone will be equal to, or better than the cameras on comparable phones in their class.
ClearPHONE gives you control. No back doors, no data collection. No tracking. ClearOS Mobile increases the performance of the phone. And because ClearPHONE utilizes the Android interface, you get all those advantages as well. But don’t take our word for it. Here are what what early users are saying: (link to testimonials)
No. ClearPHONE is available worldwide.
Yes. ClearPHONE has a 12-month warranty on parts and labor.
ClearPHONE can run any Android application.
ClearPHONE uses your existing data plan on your cellular provider.
Use the ClearCLOUD App to backup to your personal and private ClearCLOUD Storage coming in mid 2020.